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About the Author

First time author, long term LARPer, Heshe Leontess has taken up her pen to spread the concept of “magic causes madness” via her book series Plague Doc Inc. What started as an explanation for a mad plague doctor has developed into an obsession with birds, plague doctors, and her Rook. Without such dedication and love for her main character, Heshe would never have done the one thing as a child she swore never to do: write a book.


Heshe Leontess grew up with a reading disability and still has difficulty spelling to this day. Having to confront these setbacks, she is a firm believer that if you love something well enough you will always find a way to pursue it. Heshe has spent the past few years traveling, earning a B.A. in Psychology, taking medical courses, and volunteering as a bartender for military personnel. In addition to LARPing, Heshe enjoys spending her time reading in cafes, attending conventions and renaissance fairs, and exploring the local cuisine of whichever city she is currently at.      

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The future of Plague Doc Inc: I plan for PDI to span somewhere between six to seven volumes. While I do not know how long this will take, I promises to do my best for you my darling readers, for everyone who has supported and believed in me, and of course my Rook. 

To help further the development and growth of PDI I plan on learning Illustration and to attend as many Anime, Comic, and Sci-Fi conventions as I can. Regardless as to how this plays out, I hope to continue meeting many wonderful people and building great friendships along the way.

-Heshe Leontess

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