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Vol 1. Plague Doc Inc. First Plague: Magic. Enter a world where magic causes madness. Follow the tale of one not only afflicted with insanity but expected to combat it as well. It has been 300 years since the villainous Fox corrupted magic and plunged the world into a plague of madness. To prevent insanity's reign once again, the House of Inquiry has gathered and cultivated all plague doctors to fight against the Great Plague. All but one that is.

Plague Doctor Rook and its handler, Nemo, have lived in the capital city Delmar for nearly two years but have still yet to make a proper name for themselves as mercenaries. Will the happen chance meeting of an official Guard member make their lives and wallets fuller or simply result in further disappointment and heartache?


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Coming 2023...

Plague Doc Inc Second Plague: Fire

Letters and secrets, hidden intentions and plenty of biscuits to follow...

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Readers' Reviews

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Phil Janowski

Fresh anime-style story with peculiar characters and humor

Plague Doc Inc. is the debut novel of author Heshe Leontess. The style of the story immediately stuck out to me as fantasy inspired by anime, in ways I do not usually see in written fiction. One moment the eponymous protagonist Rook, dressed in plague doctor garb, is acting like a bird. The next the characters around her are speaking seriously about medical procedure. If you like the general surreality of anime in fantasy literature, this book may be for you. I chuckled out loud several times, and this is coming from someone who more often quietly smirks at written humor.

I think it is best to consider this an introduction to the setting, and not to pick up the book as a stand-alone work. The story is rather divided into several subplots, almost episodes, that feel they will be building up to larger events later in the series. As such, there is not a strong climax, which is what keeps me from giving this debut a full five stars. Also (and this is both a strength and a weakness) there is sometimes very direct exposition from the narrator, plainly stating the motives of certain side characters, as well as the protagonists. This can be very funny, such as in the clear dissection of emotionally-charged motives, but can also be a bit too “telling, not showing”.

Overall, I recommend this book to those interested in the anime aesthetic, gothic fantasy settings, and of course, plague doctors.

average rating is 4 out of 5


Great Storytelling and Characters

Leontess paints pictures with her words! Exquisite writing and great storyline and characters you long to stay with! Looking forward to the next book!

average rating is 5 out of 5

Shane Yetter

Love it!

PDI is a great book that i would recommend to anyone that likes plague doctors and serious interactions mixed with comedy.

average rating is 5 out of 5
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