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Vol 1. Plague Doc Inc First Plague: Magic. Enter a world where magic causes madness. Follow the tale of one not only afflicted with insanity, but expected to combat it as well.

It has been 300 years since the villainous Fox corrupted magic and plunged the world into a plague of madness. To prevent insanity's reign once again, the School of Inquiry has gathered and cultivated all plague doctors to fight against the Great Plague. All but one that is. 

Plague Doctor Rook along with its handler Nemo have lived in the capital city of Röseland for nearly two years and have still yet to make a proper name for themselves as mercenaries. Will the happenchance meeting of an Official Guard make their lives and wallets fuller, or simply result in further disappointment and heartache?

Plague Doc Inc First Plague: Magic

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