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The Plague Doctor (Rook)

​Likes: Food

Hobby: Conducting alchemic experiments

Favorite book: It’s research journals


Oblivious and bird-brained to boot, the Plague Doctor lives in the present and generally forgets the passing of one moment to the next. Only Nemo, its work, and anything relating to the two can hold its attention and is stored in long term memory. Borrows books belonging to School’s library from Blake to progress its own personal research.  


Likes: Tea

Hobby: Dressing in fine clothes

Favorite book: Fashion Magazines


Nemo spends her days watching over the Plague Doctor (Rook) and making sure it keeps out of trouble. With an expensive taste and no source of independent income, Nemo views the Plague Doctor as a sort of “Piggy bank” but still hold personal affect for it. Generally unable to get her hands on current magazines, she regularly reads the newspaper in order to gleam any upcoming fashion trends for free.  

L. Payton

​Likes: Having a drink with friends

Hobby: People watching

Favorite book: The Adventures of Rolland the Roving Adventurer


When not on duty Payton can often be found sitting back and watching other people. Having a drink in hand with friends around never hurts, but he always chooses to patronize places with practicing bards should the conversation turn dull. His barracks holds little else than his weapons and clothes, but if one were to looked under his pillow you would find a dogged ear copy of his childhood hero.   


Likes: Entertainment

Hobby: Laughing at the world

Favorite book: “Books too ridged. No chance for surprises in life.” - Blake


Much to the dismay of Nemo and other visitors, Blake regularly works window duty at the School of Inquiry’s general reception desk. Little else is known about Blake by the public, but many agree that this particular plague doctor’s way of speaking somehow always makes them feel uncomfortable…

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